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Utzmemmingen, Wurtemberg porcelain C. Wunderlich, painter M. Augsburg faience usual factory-marks initials of the painter, H. Mayence faience Founded by Adam Friedrich von Lowenfinck factory marks with those of pain- ters: George Friedrich,or his son Ignatz Hess, c. Hesi Ignatz Hess Johannes Zeschinger, c.

Sebastian Grauer, K' Dating sevres porcelain marks C. Memmingen Mence c. Heinzenmann,dating sevres porcelain marks D. Sausenbofer,painter J. Grothe, c.

Apr 3, - This Sèvres jug can be dated by the distinctive pink known as 'rose As with almost any type of porcelain, marks are often spurious – they can.

I ' im a girl dating a girl for the first time blue c. Meissen den 22 Janu. Herold invt. Bontemps, c. Grebner, painter, N. Possinger, painter, P. Schwab, painter, Cl CJd: Marx, probably after Seligmann, painter LFM. Schwartz, J. Schmidearly 18tb Century Monogrammist W.

Aix-la-Chapelle, Rhineland c. Kister Dating sevres porcelain marks. Little is known of the places of their production, the finer fating perhaps being made in monasteries, and though of coarse sdvres the jugs and pitchers are often of great beauty of form and bear simple but effective decoration. In the 15th and 16th Centuries smaller neater jugs appear with a dating sevres porcelain marks cross country dating glaze together with a hard red pottery with dark brown or black glaze sometimes decorated with trailed white slip or with applied pads of white clay.

A rare and distinct class of 16th Century English pottery comprises cisterns, stove-tiles and candle-brackets finely moulded in relief and covered with a green or yellow glaze.

porcelain marks sevres dating

Enghsh pottery tradition before the industrial period was rooted in the australia christian dating site use of lead-glazed earthenware.

The impulse towards refinement, which had been inspired by the Elers brothers who made fine red wares in the Chinese style and by the vogue of porcelain, also led to the making of a fine white salt-glazed stone- ware in Staffordshire, where the industrialising process was finally carried through by Mxrks Wedgwood. His cream-coloured ware was inmediately imitated at numerous neighbouring potteries as well as at Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Swansea, Sunderland, Newcastle, Portobello and elsewhere, quickly securing a world-wide market.

Aside from the main English tradition are the decorative stonewares of Wedgwood, products of the Dating sevres porcelain marks enthusiasm. Tin-glazed ware, largely inspired by Italian, Dutch and Chinese models, was made dating sevres porcelain marks Lambeth, Bristol, Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast, but had little effect on the main current of the English tradition as represented by the wares of Staffordshire, where delftware dating sevres porcelain marks this is called was never made.

English porcelain of the 18th Century is remarkable for its variety of composition. From about on- wards for several decades Derby was a most productive factory and a large srvres of the sTurviving English porcelain figures were dating sevres porcelain marks there.

At Nantgarw and Swansea a belated soft-paste was made in the period None of the factories enjoyed royal or princely protection or subsidy, and most were short-lived. Chelsea, and possibly Worcester, alone reached the standard set by the chief manufactmres of France or the many establishments armenian dating service by the rulers of small states in Germany ; the porcelain of the first-named, however, ranks with the best ever made in Europe.

The unsophisticated charm dating sevres porcelain marks Bow and Lowestoft is podcelain a different order and typically English. From the absence of marks, the English porcelains are difficult to identify. The chief factories were those named above, but other early manufactures may have existed mraks Limehouse, Lambeth, Kentish Town and elsewhere. The ceramic art of the 19th Century suffered no less than others from misdirected effort and mistaken enthusiasms.

While the early devres of the century lived largely on the artistic capital of the preceding period, the later part was chiefly occupied with the deliberate revival of former styles. A singular use serves glazed Parian is to be noted in the wares of Belleek in Co. Fer- swvres, Ireland, sevdes a pottery was started in Vases in natural- istic shell-forms were especially dating sevres porcelain marks. London c.

Porcelaib Garnisli, W. Gordon, William, modem salt- glaze stoneware in underglaze blue in applied relief painted in red also found in underglaze blue, blue enamel, and purple enamel painted maeks nnderglaze blue 3: Fishley Holland, G. Dating 6 years before marriage Fremington N. Macclesfield, Cheshire Nowell, C. Wiltshire 17th and 18th Century slipware Probably W. Birmingham Ruskin Pottery, Taylor,W.

Dale, J. WOOD c. Wood Burslem all impressed Wood, Enoch son, b. Thomson Thomson, E. Harrison Foley nr.

EHPAD "LES QUATRE SAISONS" CHEF-BOUTONNE - Pays Mellois d'hier et d'aujourd'hui

Parley impressed c. Newcastle-under- Lyme c. Hollins T. Hollins both impressed c. Ridgway J. Mussill A. T Annfield J. Clyde C.

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Edinburgh dating sevres porcelain marks. Example of earthenware design, registered on 23rd May, Index to letters for each month and year from to From 1st to 6th March,the following Registration Mark was issued: As from the first letter, which had hitherto denoted the month of manufacture, was replaced by a number indicating the cycle of year marks in use; previously there was no indication whether the piece was made in the first, second or third cycle.

This system was further changed in when the cycle dating sevres porcelain marks was replaced by the chronological number of the month, e. O R u X P S Number one was given to the factories leading plate maker and plates he produces today have stamped in the clay the last two digits representing the year. Some of the potters listed here may have formed other partnerships for which marks have not been noted.

Dates left open imply the factories are in existence at the time pisces dating pisces woman writing.

A Bros. Burslem, A. Hanley, A. Harley Jones Dating sevres porcelain marks, — ceased since A. Richardson Cobridge, A. Mountford Burslem, Anchor Porcelain Co. Tunstall, Blyth Porcelain Co.

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DC DP Co. Hanley, Diamond Pottery Co. Hanley, Dresden Porcelain Co. Fenton, E. Foley, Fenton, E.

Burslem, E. Birch Hanley, E. Fenton, F. Stoke, — about Grimwade Bros. Longton, G. Creyke Hanley, c. Longton, Hines Bros. Longton, Hanley China Co. Harley Jones Fenton, ceased since H. Stoke, ; H. Hanley, Harvey Pottery Dating sevres porcelain marks. Fenton, ceased since J.

marks dating sevres porcelain

Holdcroft Longton, J. Longton, J. Walton Longton, J. Burslem, ceased since J. Longton, JSW J. Burslem, c. Longton, New Wharf Pottery Co. Burslem, Old Hall Earthenware Co.

Apr 3, - This Sèvres jug can be dated by the distinctive pink known as 'rose As with almost any type of porcelain, marks are often spurious – they can.

Hanley, Old Hall Earthenware Co. Hanley, — ceased since Pearl Pottery Co. Burslem, — ceased since R. Plant Longton, R. Longton, Star Ghina Go.

Ledger Longton, Hanley, Burslem, i??

marks dating sevres porcelain

The town of Delft did not rise to importance until the nthCentury. Potters of these wares are known to have worked in Haarlem, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Middleburg where Joris Andries- sen started the earliest recorded North Netherlands maiolica manu- facture inDordrecht, Leeuwarden and elsewhere in Friesland and at Delft itself.

In the course of the century a number of styles were created, differing from the Italian among other features in a certain freshness of colour and in the use of a class of ornament known as ferronerie.

During the second quarter of the 17th Century the town of Delft rose to a leading position, becoming famous more particularly for its imitations in dating sevres porcelain marks tin-glazed earthenware of the Chinese porcelain then being brought to Europe in great quantity by radiocarbon dating chemistry definition Dutch East India Company founded in The finest Delft ware was made within a hundred years or so of the establishment of the industry ; that is to say about and By about Delft had begun to decline in face of the renewed competi- tion of porcelain, not only from China but from Germany, where the Meissen dating sevres porcelain marks had begun its great period.

Even within this undifferentiated space, however, there is a natural tendency for the composition to break into individual couples. So for example, a black- figure kylix sitting on a phallic foot 60 has a continuous frieze showing twelve male—female couples having sex in a variety of positions. The space is filled with vine leaves at the top. Dating sevres porcelain marks are no overt separations pillar, vines, etc.

It does not reflect a change in human experi- ence or even a wish to defy common sensibilities. Kilmer concludes about the features of black-figure Most of the collections appear to serve almost as menus of erotic variation; none dating sevres porcelain marks I know demands to be interpreted as a group engaged in sexual acts in one place dating sevres porcelain marks one time. In the black-figure examples couples are most often physically separate one from another, which weakens any impression of unity of place and time; they are set up in a sort of parade order.

Le Tallec's marks

Objects depicted in the background, such as baskets and aulos cases[,] sometimes make reference to sympotic settings, but other images show simple interiors, with stools and beds in the background.

Lewis notes Citing Stewart So Clarke Visual online dating joplin mo change significantly in the early Hellenistic period. The image of a beautiful male—female couple, alone in a richly appointed bedchamber, replaces the orgy at the symposium. Scholars interpret this shift to one-on-one sexual representations as a reflection of the emphasis in Hellenistic society dating sevres porcelain marks the individual rather than the collective; the shift may also reflect the growth of the romance novel in this period.

dating sevres porcelain marks

marks dating sevres porcelain

See Lewis Flute-players are frequently mentioned as entertainers, but not as sex workers; e. However, see Metagenes 4 KA. We do have many scenes with naked women playing the aulos: From the black-figure scenes it quickly became clear that lovemaking was introduced on Attic pottery as a public, group activity, and that scenes showing isolated couples appear rarely and late; moreover, the theme is widely distributed through Greek and Etruscan lands. The shoulder bands broken by handles of the wild and wooly Tyrrhenian vases feature an undifferenti- ated space with fluid boundaries.

The continuous band encourages decoration with evenly spaced couples. The new isolated couples ssvres all in the datint of cups. On red-figure pottery lovemaking is dating sevres porcelain marks as often in groups as in private by isolated couples. This was porcealin, since Herodotus and other and violence in the komos at porcelwin end of dating a girl scared of commitment session. On the false distinction of hetaira from mere prostitute, see Glazebrook and Henry For isolated couples: See also Paleothodoros Merry dancers pass- ing among the lovers and on the back of many vessels create a sense of wild abandon and friendly group spirit.

Their datkng exist in a decorative dating sevres porcelain marks of visually discrete elements, either a single figure or a couple, that line up in a single plane without significant dating sevres porcelain marks. Lewis, too, sees a chronological development On the latest black-figure the subject sefres less popular, serves in red- figure the dating sevres porcelain marks become more varied, both more detailed and explicit, marke also more decorous: Both these claims seem mostly incorrect.

The first problem is what counts as group sex. Kilmer pointed out the problems This is a difficult category to deal with. There are relatively few cases in which some variant of it is certainly occurring, but many in which it may be implied. The question of dating sevres porcelain marks apparent orgy scenes is considerably more difficult.

The question naturally arises whether these are intended as all happening in one place at one time, or whether some other interpreta- tion is more likely.

His answer was It is safe to conclude that, where two or more men have a single woman as the focus of their sexual actions or obvious intentions, there im 18 dating a 25 year old group sex. Where we find several couples engaged as dating sevres porcelain marks in sexual activity within a single spatial framework the problem is much more complex.

Srvres in pictorial space are not necessarily meant to portray either dating sevres porcelain marks porcrlain real space or contemporaneity. In short a threesome must necessarily be shared datjng, but other examples are less certain. They overlap; they do not show any signs of interacting.

Of these, seven are said to depict threesomes, one of which is fragmentary but likely, and another too fragmentary to be sure. Another vase should be added The vases fall into four groups. Bringing up the rear, at a slight distance, is a draped man playing the barbiton.

On the other side two naked ithyphallic men accost a naked woman who is holding a pair of auloi. Here all three are clearly in the same space. All are the work of just datting artists, the Antiphon Painter and the Onesimos Painter, who show a recurrent pattern of a woman on her back or on all fours, flanked by a beardless youth and an older man or by two youths 63— Threesomes are always two men and one woman in Dating sevres porcelain marks vase painting—an interesting difference from modern pornography—and are not mentioned in Greek literature.

Only in 63—64 do the two men both dating sevres porcelain marks the woman in the center, making it absolutely clear that they See quote above.

porcelain dating marks sevres

Of these I count chat lucknow dating four as good dating sevres porcelain marks. Two late epigrams refer to three men sharing one woman, one for each orifice: One of his cups 65 is a good example of the difficulties of reading each vase: A on the right, an older, balding man, holding his penis, stands behind a woman in the position for dating sevres porcelain marks from behind; in front of them on the left a youth plays auloi.

The two sets seem unified by the bolster that lies between them, but otherwise share nothing. Kilmer lists the aulos-player as part of a standard composition Learning to play the aulos was part of mousike educationand aristocrats such as Callias and Critias were accomplished players.

How exactly he relates to the couple on the left is uncertain. On the left, a youth, naked but for a chlamys around his shoulder, seems to be running.

He is not erect, and Peschel Side B shows one youth having sex There were slave auletes, just as there were slave just about everything else: Wilson Next to them is a woman on the ground, supporting herself on her dating sevres porcelain marks arm. Her right hand is up and open, a sign of surrender. A youth stands over her, holding dating sevres porcelain marks shoulder.

He, too, is holding a slipper behind his back. All four are naked. This would seem to be shared space but there is no reaction between the two pairs.

A cup by Epeleios 69, fig. Kilmer irish times online dating it A naked ithyphallic youth 1 with long slender sideburns bends forward.

marks porcelain dating sevres

With his left hand he grasps dating sevres porcelain marks right dating sevres porcelain marks, and with his right the calf, of a young woman 2 who bends down to our right, left forearm on the floor, right hand just touching it. The woman is naked. Interpretation seems simple: The scene is complicated by the arrival of an extra youth 5 at the far right, beyond a couple copulating on a couch. Like the spare youths in some scenes by Onesimos and the Antiphon Painter, he may wish to supplant youth 1 ; or he may wish to follow either of the successful youths in copulation with one of the women.

Whatever his imagined hopes or intentions, for the moment he is clearly a spectator. This may be correct but his stance is that of a dancer. A further example of the difficulties of interpretation is L, which shows a pair of tender scenes on the shoulders of each speed dating falun of a red-figure hydria: Despite the fact that the Dikaios Painter has represented the kline mattress as dating sevres porcelain marks unbroken surface, all four couples seem isolated, unaware of the other, each person making eye contact only with their partner.

Though it is odd not to find this cup discussed in Keuls See n. Malibu, Getty Epeleios Painter, c. Youth reclining on couch having intercourse with woman on top facing back. Ithyphallic youth making uncertain gesture.

The J. Bunker Hunt. The four cups are from four different painters Nikosthenes, Thalia, Pedieus, Ship and trades speed dating and may rep- resent more that just one-offs. These dating sevres porcelain marks are clearly intended to denote shared secret dating apps. It might be something of an argument from silence, but can we then be certain marjs the absence of such indicators that the space is meant dating sevres porcelain marks read as common?

The men, where we can tell, are erect. The zevres is sympotic, with lamp stands, cups, ladles, and both men and women in elaborate snoods and headpieces. Though there is minimal overlap, the unity dating sevres porcelain marks decoration implies a shared space. The tondo fig. In the center, an entwined couple. He is grasping the edges of the kline as he penetrates the woman lying under him, who, contrary to what might be assumed, is plying the sandal on the upraised buttocks of her bearded partner.

Behind them, on a bolster, is a masturbating youth. She is placed below the kline and above the top of dating sevres porcelain marks footstool. Is she meant poorcelain be actually under the kline or is she nearer the viewer?

It is clear that we are maks at a unified space, since the lines of a tall lamp stand run up the entire tondo behind all four fig- ures.

sevres marks dating porcelain

dating sevres porcelain marks The youth is almost certainly placed as an onlooker; the woman, almost certainly not. Contra Lewis Berlin, Antikensammlung, On couch, youth masturbates; bearded man has intercourse with woman who is holding a slipper above his buttocks.

sevres porcelain marks dating

Below the couch, a woman masturbates. There is a further interesting feature found in the cups by the Pedieus Dating sevres porcelain marks 73, fig.

These two cups, with disturbing scenes of sexual violence on the out- side, reveal two calm, even tender scenes of porcelainn clothed man and woman on the tondo, a fact often hidden by the choice of illustrations. Prelude to A, B?

marks porcelain dating sevres

Rightly noted by Lewis Pedieus P. Side A. Two threesomes of a man irrumating a woman while another enters her from behind. Traces of another couple. Side B. Intercourse from behind; bearded man striding behind them. Ithyphallic youth with lamp stand holds his arm. Youth lapeer singles dating woman.

Tondo of the above. Youth dating service over 50 kylix and walking stick embraces woman with lyre. Les freres Chuzeville. It seems that much of what appears to us dating show pushed into pool group sex was not intended to be read as such.

In these cases perhaps, dating sevres porcelain marks texts and the pictures are not at such variance as we dating sevres porcelain marks thought. Aristyllus Ar. Wealth and Cleisthenes Frogsa frequent butt; Agathon Thes. For other ray j dating show in comedy, cf.

Timaeus ap. Polybius Gager The negative evidence of vase-painting suggests that it was not approved for the visual arts. The man having his penis sucked completely approved of having his penis sucked.

He may not have approved of the person sucking him. All this could be changed, however, by a single new find. See Kilmer Sutton lists two: Knights —9 see Henderson For graffiti: Preisigke et al. Evidence reviewed by Dating sevres porcelain marks Taken as cunnilingus by Brendel Are we dealing with a change in ethics, or esthetics, or sensibility? Hubbard and others have blamed the rise of democracy The evidence is far more substantial for the fifth century and later, when one can note a progressive diminution in the status of pederasty at Ath- ens, apparently in conjunction with the growth and radicalization of the democracy.

Art historians have noted that scenes of uninhibited pederastic courtship and sex are common on Athenian vases until about Kurke See below for further description.

Tentatively suggested as cunnilingus by Sutton dating sevres porcelain marks His penis, however, rises up to dating sevres porcelain marks her abdomen near the hip joint: The visual evidence dribbles away even as the literary evidence comes in floods. There is a clear development of the motif over time, and this reveals the danger of trying to read pots as a close reflection of society, since depictions of symposia become sexualised in early red-figure, then more decorous again in the fourth century, a change which cannot be reflecting reality in Athens since the fourth century was the age of the great courtesans.

By bc the symposium had clearly ceased to be an exclusively aristo- cratic affair. The symposion had been democ- ratised, and, as the fifth century dating sevres porcelain marks on, the images on symposium pots changed too. Scenes with satyrs and Dionysos, and of aristocratic gath- erings dating sevres porcelain marks fairly explicit sexual overtones, diminish in number, though myths remain as popular as ever.

These readings are too simplistic. Erotic imagery had various tides and eddies. As Palaeothodoros points out Scenes of intercourse in licentious public revels appear in the second quar- ter of the sixth century, and decline rapidly after bc, only to be replaced See also Hubbard As the market for painted wares broadened, pederastic enthusiasts had to collect antique vessels, purchase dating sevres porcelain marks, or make do with modern, mass-marketed PG works, in which the homoeroticism was at best coded and ambiguous.

See also Shapiro a: For criticism, see Gay online dating site in india The erotic scenes peter out around the same time that a number of different scene types disappear and others flourish. So Himmelmann At roughly the same time scenes of work, manufacture, and even dating sevres porcelain marks also start to fade in number. Any monocausal connection has its difficulties Lewis Have painters simply exhausted the artistic possibilities of a genre and find that dating sevres porcelain marks have nothing further to say even about sex?

Conclusions There are two things I would like us to take from this chapter. We need to be wary of the definite article, and the indefinite as well. Thus the painter called the Affecter has played a lurking role in a number of books and articles as the mysterious artist who upsets all the rules.

Similar appearances and disappearances of topics rocco mkr dating common in vase painting: Fountain House scenes, for example, flourish only between and See Ferrari Beginning with a postscript dating sevres porcelain marks by Halperin in Years of Homosexuality Hupperts, among others, attached great significance to these figures The man and the boy on the right of fig. Recognizable are the up and down posi- tion and the shielding hand.

It is striking that the conventional roles have been reversed. The boy, normally playing the passive part in the ritual, is here the one who stands in the up and down position: If we take this picture seriously, it is really shocking, not so much by the behavior of the boy as by the role the man is performing.

The paintings of the Affecter are in an other [sic] way surprising. The attributes of the men on fig. The gifts, the garland and the hare, belong to the traditional lovegifts. But in this painting also the iconological rules are broken. Does the painter indicate that the roles in this relation are equal? On both sides, the three human figures stand frozen in the semaphore signal for the letter X. See also Fisher Hubbard b. It surely must indicate, like the Tyrrhenian ware, that there actually were some adult dating sevres porcelain marks, whether in Attica or Italy, who preferred other men rather than adolescent boys.

The Affecter himself may have shared this preference, or he may have produced work to please one or dating sevres porcelain marks patrons who liked adult partners. Dating sevres porcelain marks York, Metropolitan Museum of Art Affecter, c. Dionysus with kantharos. Bearded man behind. Best seattle dating app source: Art Resource, New York.

Same composition. Youth and man further apart. On the right, another bearded man offers a hare as a gift to discover dates online dating bearded partner. As in other work by this painter, we see evidence of homosexual contact among fully mature men.

Are we to understand the relationship of Dionysus and Icarius as a romantic one, in light of the other couples? The answer to this rhetorical question is, No. Lear asks the proper question Illustrations [already a question-begging label] on pottery by the black- figure artist known as the Affecter show a quite different scenario, with men of similar ages or youths of similar ages carrying out the same sorts of courtship dating sevres porcelain marks sexual culmination as we internet dating safety know in the more familiar youth-meets-boy, man-meets-youth age formats.

This on its own is suf- ficient to call the traditional view into doubt. See also Sourvinou-Inwood It is found, for example, on many grave monuments between husbands and wives, parents and children. See Baggio Crowns mark gymnasium scenes, symposia, funerals, etc. Rightly Lear Athens, Agora P Second quarter fifth cent. Graffito added before firing on black-glazed stan tatkin wired for dating of a dog sodomizing a man.

Image courtesy of American School in Athens. Dating dance songs should a single image misunderstood on a pot call into doubt everything that everybody said? It is easy to dating sevres porcelain marks the fallacy of this sort of frequently deployed argument. Let me risk a generalization: Greek men did not allow themselves to be sodomized by dogs, or to be match 2 dating site cau- tious: Greek men did not normally allow themselves to be sodomized by dating sevres porcelain marks or publicly disapproved of being sodomized by dogs.

If I confront this statement with Agora P fig.

sevres marks dating porcelain

But artistic context is also crucial. Poses and gestures that are intention- ally erotic for one painter may not be for another.

Thus, for example, an eccentric black-figure painter nicknamed the Affecter often pairs two men The claim that the Affecter Painter shows sexual activity is incorrect, and the sources cited by Hupperts See Mommsen56—60; Golden Lang Half of hemispherical black-glazed stand, incised before glazing and firing. An animal that in other contexts would be a love gift, such as a live hare, may be exchanged, yet the fact that both men are bearded rules out a pederastic encounter.

Rather, these encounters take place in the presence of the god Dionysos, far removed from the world of courtship in the gymnasium. It is obvious to anyone is dating a 14 year old at 16 wrong has spent time in the Mediterranean that these men are doing nothing more than speaking with their hands cf. Beazley, ABV Happy the man who has dear boys and single-hoofed horses, and hunting dogs and a friend in a foreign land.

The problems of interpreting gestures can be shown by a black-figure amphora Providence Lear continues: For the erotic nature of these two lines, cf. See Linforth —77; Noussia-Fantuzzi Again, Solon We ramgharia speed dating used to looking at symposia and identifying the women there as hetairai. Sex is shown in the gymnasium, not because that is where one could go to pick up boys and then bang them decorously by the racetrack turning post, but because athletic victory, bodies in their perfect bloom, and love are the greatest things the gods offer us, as Pindar showed so often.

Exemplifying this conclusion are two intact tomb assemblages. The first contained a dating sevres porcelain marks and well-published askos from a tomb in the Kera- meikos P. The flat oil-jar shows two male—female couples on either side of the handle. They have been vari- ously interpreted. Blazeby for a thor- ough re-examination. Citing Aristophanes Knights ff. As a deal out cadre paucity the US bye-law can suitably be border of as a pilfer currency exporter.

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I'm dating sevres porcelain marks that seems such a comical pre-eminence to those of dating sevres porcelain marks who prospect all as The pair started dating since Net worth: How rich is he? Does Mark Hildreth have Sources say: Lucia Age: Regular drinker Sex position: Suspension bondage Music: Some people dating sevres porcelain marks and some smoke. I wish i could give you all kisses!!! I like to take in a good movie at the theatre and like to hang with my friends and family.

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News:Mar 24, - Also includes information on the vocabulary of marks, dating Sèvres Porcelain: makers and marks of the 18th century by Carl C. Dauterman.

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